The Lovely Lily Rose by Sunday Girl Design

Do you remember The Odette designed by Sunday Girl Designs?  Well, Georgianna has created another beautiful pattern again that I was lucky enough to test.  Her pattern releases at the end of this week!  Keep up to date with the pattern at her Facebook page, SundayGirlDesigns.


Quick Collage


There are many things to love about this pattern:


1. It is full of beautiful details like the turned corners on the bodice,  bias tape details on the pockets, high low hem with ruffles, etc

2. The pattern pieces come together perfectly

3. There is a clever tutorial for turning spaghetti straps

4. Includes options to simplify the dress.  You can make a simple bodice, omit the high-low hem, or forego the pockets.  But really, why would you?

5. The dress is as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside.  The only place you see hems are the side seams of the skirt, and where the ruffle joins the skirt.  If you lined the skirt and the ruffle you could easily make a reversible dress!  


Pockets for my treasures!


When making this dress be prepared to set aside some time.  Let me tell you though, the dress is so worth it.  Bring out some of the fabrics you love to pet as you walk by your sewing stash.  Admit it, we all have those fabrics we just can’t bring ourselves to cut.  This pattern is worth it and you can use small cuts of your treasured fabrics for the details.


One more thing before I bombard you with photos of the dress.  I was able to sew this dress hopped up on pain killers because of a gnarly gum infection.  I don’t know how it happened.  I do remember getting some food stuck between my teeth and aggressively flossing.  Maybe my flossing cut something?  This is probably the first time a dentist will tell me that flossing was not a great idea!  Flossing aside, the dress looks complex but if you follow Georgianna’s instructions you won’t believe how simple it is.



Of course I have not forgotten about baby C!  She’s coming up in another pattern I tested.  For now you can see her with her favorite toy.


Why yes, that is a Roomba.  Yes she has a panic attack when she turns it on.   And yes, she continues to turn it on anyway.


Scalloped Princess Dress: Ariel’s Day Out

I’m so excited to show off B’s latest dress!  I’m participating in Lydia’s first blog tour at Little Kiwis Closet.  For this tour the contributors are all sewing up their version of the Scalloped Princess Dress.  I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s creations.  These are all super talented women and I’m so honored to be showcased among them.  Also check out the link at the end of the post for a fantastic giveaway opportunity!

This pattern is the perfect canvas to be creative and create any princess dress.  It has great options for bodice necklines and hemlines so it is easy to find the combination that you want.  The instructions are clear and the pieces sew together easily and beautifully.  The dress is a lovely fit for B.  I followed the sizing of the chest rather than the age.  (B usually wears size 4 but her chest measurement indicated that she should be in a size 3.)

The main difficulty I had was my own fault.  I decided to get direction from my customer.  Bad idea.  My customer is fairly exacting and terms like “inspired by” don’t go over well.  Mostly because she doesn’t understand them or the point of having an “inspired by” dress.  Consequently, I had to figure out how to add long sleeves and my very first cuffs.  My initial thought was to draft sleeves but then I got too scared because the rest of the dress was too cute to ruin.  I ended up modifying sleeves from another pattern.  The bonus was that it came with instructions on how to attach cuffs.



Check out my beautiful sleeves!

The other difficult part for me was that for the black part of the dress was a thick cotton.  It made it more difficult to top stitch the princess V bodice hem to the skirt.  If I had followed the recommendation to sew in a gathering stitch I would not have had to rip out my stitches so many times.  Good thing the fabric was so thick it could handle that kind of abuse.

If not for the issues I self generated, the dress would have been super quick to sew up. As it was it only took a few evenings. One of my favorite parts is the back of the dress. Look how sweet that scoop back is! It’s so darling for the little princess in your life.



 As soon as I put this dress on her she would not take it off.  She insisted on wearing it to dinner and got marinara sauce on the cuff.  Such is the life of a princess dress!

Admit it, if you had a twirly dress, you would twirl too!


I can’t leave the post without an adorable baby photo. So here’s baby C with more food on her hands and face than in her belly.  I could just nibble on those sticky cheeks all day.

Where’s my princess dress?


Where’s my princess dress?

Be sure to check out Shelly’s dress at Sew Shelly Sew and don’t forget the giveaway!

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The Odette by Sunday Girl Designs

I recently had the great opportunity to test The Odette for Sunday Girl Designs.  When she posted the testing call I really really hoped to get chosen.  This is an adorable pattern.  It is not the quickest project I have tried because the blouse is as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside.

This was even before the blouse was completed!

The finished project was so worth it and something I would feel proud to gift to a friend.  Fortunately for B, she got to keep it.

I went to the fabric store looking for something white with little flowers on it, and left with a beautiful ballerina border fabric by Kokka.  At first I was intimidated by the border fabric but it turned out nicely.  The pleat is not as centered as I would like it to be, but live and learn I guess.

Most importantly, B loved it and came up with her own choreographed dance.  I present to you, the ballet Odette.

Don’t forget the shy shrug at the end!

The shorts have an adorable cuff and I made all the bows detachable so I don’t have to worry about them in the wash.  Sarah over at The Crazy Tailor made hers into a lovely dress that I want to copy down to the elk fabric.

Improvisational Pleating Contest Entry

Alternatively titled: the Pleated Princess.

Whenever I try to do a task in addition to my day job as a mother the whole house seems to fall apart.  No cleaning or cooking gets done and the B watches a lot of TV.  A whole lot of TV.  The key skill here is multi-tasking, and I get a big fat F.  If I was being reviewed at work it would be the scary N for needs improvement and I would probably be put on probation.  Good thing there’s job security in my current gig, and I don’t get paid anyway.  Curious about what I have been working on?  Even if you are not interested, please don’t leave until you have voted for me.  Here it is, my entry into Straight Grains improvisational pleating contest!

Here are photos of the dress before I added the buttons.  I think I like the dress better with buttons.

This is the bodice of the dress with my improvised pleats.

I started the design process by trying to find some inspiration.

I found a lovely dress but I wasn’t excited about the volume of the sleeves and the ruffles down the front.  My little lady is a bit messy so ruffles are just too hard to clean.  So I thought that the design was perfect for tweaking.  I could easily replace the ruffles with a pleated panel.

I wanted the dress to be more form fitting and shorter.  The model had some strong opinions to the contrary.

I want it to be long!

This was her reaction when I cut the muslin “prototype” short.  And this is what happened when I made it more narrow.


No, you can’t take a photo to see how it looks. 

Since she is the one that decides if she wants to wear a dress, I had to cave.  Have you ever tried to get clothes on a toddler who didn’t want to get dressed?


I’m on the go, there is fun to be had!

Thanks for checking out my dress.  Now please go vote for me HERE!.


BGB Shirred Skirt

I was recently honored to be selected by April at Dandelions n’ Dungarees to test their Baby Girl Bottoms skirt pattern.  At first I was a bit daunted because I had never shirred before.  But the skirt was so adorable that I just had to try.  Just check out my results!

The BGB pattern has a ton of options including skirts, shorts, pants, and diaper covers.  If you are nervous about shirring there are also options to use elastic casing instead.  The pattern has a shirring tutorial that covers both traditional shirring (elastic thread in the bobbin), and zigzagging over the elastic thread.  If you haven’t yet,  you should try your hand at shirring, it’s actually really easy!

The 3-6 month size is a perfect fit for my 4 month old little model.

Even with the shirring and the bias tape for the pockets, the skirt sewed up very quickly.  Time is essential for me since I usually do my sewing standing up with the baby in the ergo.  She’s starting to get grabby so I have to sew while she’s asleep.

My favorite things about the pattern:

1.  I only had to cut out the pocket pattern pieces, the rest of the skirt was basically rectangles

2. Quick and easy tutorial on shirring

3. Easily customizable details (I just did bias tape, some ladies did lace/ruffles on the pockets)

4. Adjustable waist elastic

5. POCKETS!  Pockets on baby clothes are so frivolous, but completely adorable

Baby C gives it 2 slimy thumbs up!