BGB Shirred Skirt

I was recently honored to be selected by April at Dandelions n’ Dungarees to test their Baby Girl Bottoms skirt pattern.  At first I was a bit daunted because I had never shirred before.  But the skirt was so adorable that I just had to try.  Just check out my results!

The BGB pattern has a ton of options including skirts, shorts, pants, and diaper covers.  If you are nervous about shirring there are also options to use elastic casing instead.  The pattern has a shirring tutorial that covers both traditional shirring (elastic thread in the bobbin), and zigzagging over the elastic thread.  If you haven’t yet,  you should try your hand at shirring, it’s actually really easy!

The 3-6 month size is a perfect fit for my 4 month old little model.

Even with the shirring and the bias tape for the pockets, the skirt sewed up very quickly.  Time is essential for me since I usually do my sewing standing up with the baby in the ergo.  She’s starting to get grabby so I have to sew while she’s asleep.

My favorite things about the pattern:

1.  I only had to cut out the pocket pattern pieces, the rest of the skirt was basically rectangles

2. Quick and easy tutorial on shirring

3. Easily customizable details (I just did bias tape, some ladies did lace/ruffles on the pockets)

4. Adjustable waist elastic

5. POCKETS!  Pockets on baby clothes are so frivolous, but completely adorable

Baby C gives it 2 slimy thumbs up!

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