Hanami Top

Some time in July, An the talented blogger at Straight Grain asked for testers for her new pattern tutorial Hanami.  Although I haven’t sewn anything in months, I jumped at the opportunity because An has such adorable and unique designs.  Plus her tutorials are full of details and helpful photos.  I didn’t think much of it after I applied because I don’t usually get chosen for things like this because;

1.  I’m an infrequent blogger

2.  I don’t sew often

3.  I’m just not that lucky

But An did choose me!  I’m so glad she did because it got me to dust off my sewing machine and get my butt in motion.

The Hanami has four different options.

A.  Top or Dress

B.  Collar or No Collar (collar cannot be combined with crossed back)

C.  Tulip or Flutter Sleeves

D.  Crossed Back or Hidden Zipper

If my math is correct, there are 12 different variations of this pattern!  Even with all the options, the tutorial was incredibly clear on which direction to go with.  An goes above and beyond with her instructions as she photo documents everything.  An even includes the cutting diagrams for different fabric widths.  She also has tables for both metric and inches.

An also includes where you could add ribbon for additional flare.  I’m going to say that I decided not to put a ribbon on.  The truth is, I just forgot.  I had it on my sewing table but I just forgot.  I blame the pregnant mommy brain.  This is also the reason you will find cereal boxes and cans of beans shoved in the fridge.  This morning I tried to put the milk in the cabinet again.  Fortunately it doesn’t fit, so I realized my mistake.  But the realization came after I got annoyed that it didn’t fit.

For B I decided to go with the top, no collar, tulip sleeves, and crossed back.  I really love the results.  The tulip sleeves are so adorable on my little model.  The fabric isn’t anything special, I got it from the local JoAnn’s.



Am I in trouble?  Why did you ask me to stand by this tree?
View of the Crossed Back.

I assure you she isn’t as shy as the photos make her appear.  I think she really thought she was in trouble because I was trying to get her to stay still.  Shortly after these photos she was log rolling down the grass hill.  The pattern gets the toddler stamp of approval because it’s comfortable enough to roll around and nap in.  Mommy brain also approves of the tutorial because the only slip up I had was with the omission of the ribbon.


Thanks for choosing me to be a tester An!  B loves the top too.  This morning my husband asked her where she got it from.  B said, “From sewing!  Mama made it for me!”  It might be the pregnancy hormones, but I melted just a little.

Engage Panic Button!



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