The Lovely Lily Rose by Sunday Girl Design

Do you remember The Odette designed by Sunday Girl Designs?  Well, Georgianna has created another beautiful pattern again that I was lucky enough to test.  Her pattern releases at the end of this week!  Keep up to date with the pattern at her Facebook page, SundayGirlDesigns.


Quick Collage


There are many things to love about this pattern:


1. It is full of beautiful details like the turned corners on the bodice,  bias tape details on the pockets, high low hem with ruffles, etc

2. The pattern pieces come together perfectly

3. There is a clever tutorial for turning spaghetti straps

4. Includes options to simplify the dress.  You can make a simple bodice, omit the high-low hem, or forego the pockets.  But really, why would you?

5. The dress is as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside.  The only place you see hems are the side seams of the skirt, and where the ruffle joins the skirt.  If you lined the skirt and the ruffle you could easily make a reversible dress!  


Pockets for my treasures!


When making this dress be prepared to set aside some time.  Let me tell you though, the dress is so worth it.  Bring out some of the fabrics you love to pet as you walk by your sewing stash.  Admit it, we all have those fabrics we just can’t bring ourselves to cut.  This pattern is worth it and you can use small cuts of your treasured fabrics for the details.


One more thing before I bombard you with photos of the dress.  I was able to sew this dress hopped up on pain killers because of a gnarly gum infection.  I don’t know how it happened.  I do remember getting some food stuck between my teeth and aggressively flossing.  Maybe my flossing cut something?  This is probably the first time a dentist will tell me that flossing was not a great idea!  Flossing aside, the dress looks complex but if you follow Georgianna’s instructions you won’t believe how simple it is.



Of course I have not forgotten about baby C!  She’s coming up in another pattern I tested.  For now you can see her with her favorite toy.


Why yes, that is a Roomba.  Yes she has a panic attack when she turns it on.   And yes, she continues to turn it on anyway.


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