Girl’s Dress No. 13 by E+M Patterns

School is in session and PSLs (Pumpkin Spice Lattes) abound.  Snark as much as you want but I’m looking forward to a hot cup of PSL while stomping around in my boots.  Right now it is still too hot and I’m reluctant to sew dresses that the girls will only be able to wear for  a couple of months.  Luckily Allison at E+M Patterns has created an ideal summer to fall dress.  I was fortunate enough to test for her and we adore this dress.  Introducing the Girl’s Dress Pattern No. 13!  And it’s on sale at 50% off ($4) until Monday!



I had fun color blocking with this dress but you don’t have to.  The decision to color block was more because the hello kitty fabric my daughter insisted on made my eyes hurt a bit.  It shows the Kitty girl’s bones which makes the pink of the print seem a bit punk rock to me so I topped the dress with her hello kitty hat instead of a sun bonnet.  The other thought was to make the top section of the dress black but I thought that would be too hot.



 This classic dress is great for summer’s last hurrah as it is breezy and hits just at the knees.  It has a fully enclosed 1/2″ elastic around the waist and the faux ties at the waist. Not only are the faux ties a great touch, it’s also nice to not have to worry about them coming undone during play.





The back closure is done with lovely button loops and you can choose to do either one or 2.  I chose 2 and it adds a delicate detail that doesn’t take away from the clean lines of the dress.  The dress is also as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside!  The bodice is lined and even the side and back seams are enclosed which B loves.  I think I have spoiled her because she complains about the seams of store bought clothes now.   





I’m not spoiled, I just have sensitive skin.


As the weather finally cools, the dress can be beautifully paired with a cardigan.  You can also wear leggings under it.  (Hint: E+M Patterns has a free capri legging PDF pattern)  You can easily sew up the capri leggings, or you can just have them wear their leggings that have gotten a wee bit short this year.  Shhhhh, I won’t tell if you don’t.

Here she is sporting last year's leggings and singing Let It Go.

Here she is sporting last year’s leggings and singing Let It Go.

  We spent the morning at the Hermosa Fiesta where B rocked her dress and got compliments.  She rode in style.

You may not photograph my face, peasant.  Now push me to the ice cream.

You may not photograph my face, peasant. Now push me to the lemonade stand.

She also rode on the ferris wheel with daddy.  During which I anxiously paced below because I could see that the ferris wheel was clearly not bolted down into the pavement.


Bring back my Bonnie to me!

The dress held up well in the heat, running, and napping in the stroller.  I will definitely be sewing up more and I may try to size it up for me.  Can’t you see this dress with a soft cardigan, tights and kid boots?!  Head over to E+M Patterns to get your copy of this wonderful pattern!  The pattern is also available in her ETSY shop if you prefer.

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