Classic Dress done in Zombie Style

Gracie May Designs has come up with an innovative idea for her latest pattern. The Classic Dress that Joanne Sparrow has come up with has 3 lengths that serve as the perfect blank canvas.  You can simply go with the blank slate of the pattern, or you can purchase additional pattern add ons if you don’t want to figure it out on your own.  Because sometimes, who has the time for that?  The latest add on available is for sleeves.  Keep in mind there is a discount code for bundling the Classic Dress and the sleeves: DRESSITUP.  I believe a collar bundle is in the works too. Now it’s time to share photos!


For this go around, I decided to take inspiration from the upcoming Halloween and create something in that spirit.  Zombies!


This festive print has some great PSAs (public service announcements) such as; Zombies can’t read, Zombies can’t climb trees, and Zombies prefer their food fresh.  Good to know right?


I chose to add a peter pan color to soften up the look and added a pom pom trim.  This was my first time working with pom pom trim and I love the result.  So does B.


Can’t stop looking at the pom pons!

This version is the shortest length of the skirt.  I just love the fullness of this skirt.  It feels so fancy and special!  The dimensions for the skirt are in a table so you don’t have a rectangle pattern piece to deal with.  I’m all for saving ink and paper.  Just don’t miss that she has already figured out the dimensions for cutting the skirt ON THE FOLD!  My 40 minute date with my seam ripper can tell you all about how I figured that one out.


That’s nobody’s fault but your own. Even I was sleeping away.

Here’s a look at the back of the top.  I just love the sweeping scoop of the back without being too revealing.  As a bonus, Joanne also included a fabulous placket tutorial in the pattern.  I know I’ll be referring to it in the future.  🙂


Aside from the pom poms, what really sold B was the twirl factor.  Always important to the almost 4 year old set.


Head over the Gracie May Designs ETSY page to get the pattern!  Don’t forget to bundle up with the code DRESSITUP.

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