Marching Elephants and Happy Hippos

About a month ago, my local boutique fabric store hosted another sewing contest.  The challenge was to use only Hokkoh fabrics that the store provided.  The best part was that you got the fabric for free as long as you only used the Hokkoh fabric.  The winners 1st through 5th place got gift cards and the store would be displaying all our entrees at the Dallas Quilting show.  Unfortunately, I didn’t see the contest notification until there was only one bolt left.  A vibrant blue elephant with red feet on a lime green background.


What to do with it?! I almost passed up the contest because the fabric just wasn’t speaking to me.  It was yelling too loud.  But then I took a look at those elephants marching in a row and I just couldn’t not love them.  I’m a sucker for animals on prints.  Plus the fabric was a double gauze and just so soft.  I decided to make it into a dress.  Unfortunately this is the best photo I have of it right now.  When I get it back, I’ll see if I can convince my little model to try it on.


The collar is inset with red bias tape and I added inset scallop details to the bottom hem. The tricky part was making sure that the print stayed lined up.  There are also pockets that have the red bias tape too.  I’m just kicking myself for not having good photos of the details.  Out of 70+ entries, this dress got 4th.  Whoohoo.  Very exciting for me especially since I was sure the print would be hard for a good number of people to love.

My friend who entered the contest as well had some fabric left over and I made a dress for baby C.


Happy hippos!  This dress has cute buttons at the neck so the dress can fit over the baby’s head with minimal screaming.  It was also double gauze so it’s just so soft.  I can’t wait to get it back.  I’m surprised that this dress didn’t get many votes.  I guess you just never know how the voting will go.

Both these dresses were of my own design.  Frankly, I’m amazed that they both fit because I didn’t have time to make a muslin first.   Baby C’s dress was heavily inspired by An from Straight Grain’s Akiko Dress.  Her pattern has not yet been launched and I can’t wait to get it when it does, so I just muddled through it.  I’m lucky that my model makes everything look so cute.


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