Halloween 2014 Recap

I have a fun post queued up about C’s costume.  But until then, I wanted to share a little about what we did.  This is super late and I totally planned to have this written and posted the day after Halloween.  But life happens and you get busy.  🙂  So here is my Halloween post, a week after the fact.

We started the festivities with a visit to a little pumpkin tent with B’s class.  I whipped together this Playgroup dress by Fresh Patterns.

DSC_2205They had scarecrows set up all around.  B was unsure about the werewolf at first.


Then she got her face painted.  I tried to get her to go with a cat or a witch to match the print on her dress.  However, she insisted on getting a T-Rex face.

DSC_2394Then she found the perfect little pumpkin to take home.


C was on my back the whole time, but I did dress her up as a pumpkin.  I did not make this body suit this time.

DSC_2462Later that week we spent some time carving our pumpkins.


C even joined in the fun after she got over the initial squishiness.



The next day we got the Halloween treat bags put together for B’s class.  B was so excited and eager, she stuffed all the bags by herself.


C helped by figuring out how many of each item we needed.


This year I made B’s costume again.  She wanted to be Lucinda the Little Witch.  It was difficult to come up with her costume because she is an auxiliary character and only shows up in 2 episodes.  She was deterred to be her though so I had to draft my own pattern to match up.

DSC_3114 DSC_3111

I’m really proud of the dress.  The hard part was the appliqué.  It came out to over a hundred little pieces to cut out and press on.  Thankfully we only lost one owl and a couple of bats from the dress.


Stay tuned to see what C was tomorrow.  🙂

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