Starry Night PJ Pattern

I don’t know about you, but it has already been a week since Halloween and we are still wading in candy.  Part of the reason is that I’m on a non-dairy diet because of the baby’s allergy to milk protein and can’t partake in any of the chocolate candy.  Booo.  Other than that, it has been a great Halloween and both the kids had a great time.  For baby C’s costume I was really excited to be able to pimp out a wonderful pattern by Sarah, the designer behind Made By Jack’s Mum.  B was a witch so it seemed only appropriate for C to be a black cat.

DSC_3062The hoodie is actually from the Eclipse pattern.  I was fortunate to test the eclipse but I didn’t test the hoodie version.  Sarah has a super clever way of sewing the hoodie so that it is immediately lined and sewn together.  Totally mind blowing.


I need to tell you just how amazing the PJ bottoms are.  First off, the instructions make a footie PJ so easy to put together.  The waist band is knit so it is super comfy and moves with the child.  If you have a serger you can serge the whole thing!  (Just don’t bust your serger trying to get the tail on the pants.  If you do that you just might kill it.  Anyone want to gift me a new serger?  Eep.)  The pattern goes up to age 4 from preemie.  Who does that?!  Jack’s Mum that’s who.  Printing the pattern calls out for A4 paper, which is so hard to find in the US.  But I had no problems printing on standard 8.5×11.  You just have no overlap on the bottom of the page to the top of the next page.

I love the pattern so much, I just had to make more PJ’s for baby C.  This time I went with flannel in a bunny print.  It was the perfect pattern to add little ears too.


As everyone knows, no baby comes in the same size.  This pattern makes it so easy to modify to fit your munchkin.  Mine has thick chunky thighs, a big caboose, small waist, short legs, and small feet.  I shortened the legs, used the cut line for smaller feet and a smaller foot.  It came together perfectly. The pattern is also written with the option for bottoms that wear cloth diapers too.

IMG_4933      IMG_4935IMG_4934


The pattern is written for knit fabrics, but as you can see flannel works too.




This doesn’t have the best image of the PJs but her little face was just too cute not to share!

Until Sunday, Sarah has ALL her patterns 30% off on ETSY.  The code is toinfinity.  Who doesn’t need PJs for the kids in their life!  I’m planning on making more for Christmas morning.  How cute would it be to have the girls in matching footie Christmas PJs?!?

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