Peek A Boo Hoodie

Brrrr, it’s starting to get chilly around here.  I know you laugh because I’m in LA and how cold does it really get?  Cold enough for our thin blood to get the shivers in the morning! When Lil Luxe Collection put out the tester call for a hoodie, I signed up as quickly as I could.  As usual the design is chic, unique, and modern.  I’ll let the pictures show you all!



This hoodie features a tunic length, large overlapped hood, hidden pocket, and my daughter’s favorite part . . . THUMB HOLES!  She was so enamored with them it was hard to get a photo in without her playing with them.

hoodie thumb

I really like the oversized hood as well for those pony tail days.  Too many of her hoods won’t stay up because her pony tail pulls them back.  This hood has no problems at all, even with a bun for after dance class.  My first hoodie was in a soft sweater knit.  I wish it was in my size!


The next one I made was in a fleece.  I apologize for the dark photos but we have been losing light so early.

Fleece Hoodie front

fleece hoodie Back

The knit version of the Peek A Boo is fabulous and stylish.  The fleece is super comfy and casual.  It’s great for sending her off to school in because I don’t have to worry about her getting it dirty.  🙂

The pattern sews up really quickly and the pockets come together ingeniously!  Get your copy currently on sale!  Just click on my affiliate link. and head over to the shop to get yours!

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