Festive Florence Christmas Blog Tour

Thanks for coming by to listen to my adventures in blouse making!  I’m so flattered to be included in a blog tour of the Christmas inspired Florence!  The tour is hosted by Olu of Needle and Ted.  I must admit that I’m in awe of Olu and her work.  So being asked to join was doubly ego boosting.  This terrific pattern was meticulously created by Anna at Madeit Patterns. Before I go into my adventure, here are a couple of things for you, our readers.

All week (until Sunday), you can receive 20% off everything at MadeIt Patterns. Get your Florence pattern, sew it up in time for Christmas, take a photo and post it on MadeIt Patterns Facebook Page and you too could be in with the chance to win a MadeIt pattern of your choice.

20 percent off

You can show the bloggers some love and Click Here to Vote! on your favorite Christmas inspired blouse.

Ready to hear my tale now?

It’s not that I’ve been actively avoiding blouses, actually I lie, blouses have always intimidated me.  It’s the collars, and the cuffs, and the plackets . . . etc. etc. etc. that stump me.  To be completely honest, I started to regret committing to the project after the first week of staring at my stash and Christmas prints at fabric stores.  I had envisioned in my head, this glamorous sparkly blouse.  None of the Christmas prints I saw were elegant enough for the blouse in my head.  So I doubted myself and procrastinated while browsing stores aimlessly.  Until one day, I walked by a print by Birch that really struck me.  It felt like it was meant to be a blouse.  Have you ever had that feeling that a fabric was destined to belong to you and a pattern?  Alright, I’m being melodramatic but this felt like a fairly epic journey for me.  I’m also sleep deprived because my procrastination has lead to 2 sleepless nights.  So you may have to excuse my drama.  🙂  Before I ramble on too much, here’s my Christmas bird.

Christmas Bird 2Christmas Bird 3Growing up in the more temperate zones of CA, I have not enjoyed a Christmas snow yet.  But this fabric made me think of all those first snow postcards I’ve seen.  It was so appropriate that B saw the birds on the print and started to flap her arms.


with mr cow

The next key component to this blouse was the frills!  Oh man, the sequin trim on the frills.  It was such a beast to get on.  I wasn’t sure how to sew it on so it had to be wrapped around the edge.  I pinned the tule right sides together with the frill and wrapped it around the back.  Then came the 2 parallel stitches to secure the hem.  After that I had to sew down the side closest to the sequins then fold the trim right side out.  Clear as mud?  Some of the trim needed to be tacked down to keep it from flipping over.  I told you it was epic, right?  I think the effort was totally worth it.  But I’ll let you be the judge.


DSC_4571Next stop in my adventure was button holes.  Good grief button holes.  This blouse needed 7 button holes.  Guess how many button holes I sewed to get 7 working ones.  Did you guess?  It was it 12.  Were you close?  Here’s a tip, when you are sewing button holes on a cuffs, make sure the other side of the cuff is not under the foot.  Yes, that is correct, I sewed a button hole through both sides of the cuff.  Doh.  Good thing I have great seam rippers.

End of shoot

Mom, you are so EMBARRASSING!


I am happy to say that you can’t tell that I struggled so much with the button holes.  Seriously though, how many times can I say button holes in one post.  Drinking game anyone?



One of the things that I loved about this blouse is the back yoke.  I never would have though to install the back yoke lining the way that Anna has laid out for you in the pattern.  Simply genius I tell you.


After I finished the blouse (ahem 3am) I realized that I had nothing to coordinate with it!  This morning I ran out and got this frilly red monstrosity to whip together a skirt.  Now I have red frills though out the house from all the shedding.  Whew.  But what a fun result.  Fair warning, if you make this blouse, you will want to find something that is suitable to coordinate.  Leggings and slacks just won’t cut it.  This blouse deserves more!



Last picture I promise :).


We have reached the end of the adventure.  Button holes (drink) and all.  I have to say that at the end of this journey, I am so glad that I tackled the blouse.  And truly, Anna’s tutorial makes the construction really straight forward.  I don’t know why I was so intimidated.  Follow her instructions, they won’t lead you wrong!  And you’ll have a lovely outfit you can be so proud of.  I know I’m proud of mine.  I hope you enjoyed your time with me.  Be sure to check out the other bloggers on tour!

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Thanks for inviting me on the tour Olu and Anna!

*the pattern was given to me for the tour, but the opinions and drinking were my own.  Button Hole.

6 thoughts on “Festive Florence Christmas Blog Tour

    • Thanks Anna I’m so glad the fabric came together in the end, and thank you for the amazing pattern! Can you believe there was once a time when people had to make button holes by hand?! I would have given up sewing on the spot.


  1. Your adventures in blouse making has made me giggle from start to end. I’m so glad you battled through. I used to be intimidated by so many patterns, now I’m fearless.
    Sheer fabrics, invisible zippers, bound buttonholes bring them on (not all at once though, I may need easing in gently).

    You should be really proud of yourself, that frill sounds crazy complicated but you did it.

    Thank you so much for being part of the Tour (and making me smile with your post).


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