Rouche And Division Top

We reached a milestone here at our house.  My baby girl is celebrating her 4th birthday.  It is not everyday that your child turns 4.

foam TV watching chair

How is this baby already 4!?

In honor of this very special occasion, I wanted to sew up a new outfit for her party.  Since the party was at a park, it didn’t make sense to create a frilly dress or something that she couldn’t be really comfortable in.  Fortunately for me, Lil Luxe Collection was testing a new pattern, the fabulous Rouche and Division Top (affiliate link).

This is currently my favorite top.  As I have come to expect from Jessica, the design is modern, unique, and absolutely chic!  The pattern is suitable for BOTH knit and woven, making it practically a 2 for 1 pattern.  It’s a breeze to sew up.  Seriously, you can finish a top in an hour.  It can be as fancy (think party), or as casual (think PJ), as your imagination will take it.  Without further ado, here’s the B’s 4th birthday shirt!

RD Big pic

RD big back

The main fabric is a woven navy with silver hearts that I found in the remnant bin at JoAnn.  I got the back panel from my favorite boutique fabric shop.  It is also woven and has clouds with raindrops over the cutest little bikes.

RD back


I usually like to take the photos with a simple background.  I changed it up so I could also photo document her birthday party.  🙂  The weather was gorgeous and B was having so much fun.


RD Closeup front

Here she is making a snowman with cornstarch and shaving cream.  You can also see the ruching on the sleeves better here.

RD closeup back

There are a few options in this pattern that can change the whole look, short sleeves vs long sleeves, ruching vs no ruching, contrasting panel vs solid back.  You can see from the photos that the birthday top has short ruched sleeves and a contrasting panel.




Now the other end of the spectrum, how about some PJs?


Check out that fabulous boatneck.  It’s amazingly stylish, plus it makes it easy for B to dress herself as there are no buttons or fasteners of any sort.


I’m ready for bed.


I really really wish I had better photos of the PJs, but nap time waits for no mom.  I sincerely hope that this next set of photos will help you forgive me.  I saved the best for last on this post!  Here’s an afternoon at the beach with the knit Rouche and Division.  It gets dark so quickly now and with the sunset the coastal breeze picks up, bringing in misty gusts.  This knit version was perfect for keeping cozy at the beach.


Bring it, I’m ready.

The fabric is ponte de roma knit with a bit of sequined glam for the back panel.  I love both these photos even though they are essentially the same view.  This was a brief moment of quiet where B just sat down and breathed in the beach air.


contemplating the waves


Then it was time to go again!


I know this photo is dark, but I wanted to include the original because I feel that it was the best way to show how the dark and misty afternoon felt to me.  But here is a brighter version, so you can actually see the top in action. 🙂

running down the beach

Can’t stop, won’t stop.

Don’t you just love the drape of this top?


It has this effortless elegance and style that I just can’t find the words to describe.  Just look at this movement!  Simply breathtaking.



Hurry now to take advantage of the 30% off release sale that ends today!  There is no code required.  This is my affiliate link if you would like to head on over to the Lil Luxe Collection shop.

6 thoughts on “Rouche And Division Top

    • She mostly leads the photo shoots too. I either let C roam around and I chase B around with the camera, or I strap C to my back and we just move around while I take hundreds of photos. Also, the promise of lollipops may be involved. 🙂


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