Holiday Revamped Crop Top

One of the best parts about the holidays is having a reason to get together with great friends.  The theme this year was Cocktail Party.  It was fun to have a reason to dress up and it was the perfect opportunity to put together a fancy holiday dress for B.  Since my B is very active, even a fancy dress still needs to be able to handle some rough and tumble play time.  Fortunately for me, I was able to test the revamped Crop Top Dress pattern for Lil Luxe Collection.  The pattern has the modern lines that are the Jess’s trademark.


I chose to use the wrong side of a satin fabric I found at Joann in the remnants bin.  Initially I had bought the fabric for me but I thought it would really set of this dress.  The right side is this shimmery glossy texture but as I cut the fabric out I was really attracted to the silky and grainy texture of the wrong side.  A quick poll in the FB tester group later, and I was confident with my decision.

crop top


The dress is along the lines of the paper bag dress design that is new to me.  As usual Jess has a beautiful surprise in the back!



I think the trick with this style of skirt is keeping the top of it from flopping over.  Between the testers and Jess the tutorial ensures that you’ll have a that fabulous gathered look.  In fact I didn’t even need the belt.  I just added it for a pop of glittery color.  Her dress was a hit at the party and she was able to feel festive and comfy.

The top of the dress is also it’s own top!  It’s like getting 2 patterns for 1.  Who doesn’t love a deal?!

crop top front

Channelling her inner rocker chick





This might take away from her rocker chick attitude but her pink rocker cuff is actually a Doc McStuffin’s cast.  😉



The crop top is just 2 pieces.  Seriously, just 2!  You need to cut 2 of each, one of your main fabric and one of the lining.  So 2 pattern pieces and 4 pieces of fabric.  Rock on!  In fact the top is reversible as well.  It doesn’t get any easier than this.  The top swings open in the back and is great of keeping cool in the heat.  Even though we are officially into winter, we still have some hot afternoons she can wear the top for.  Plus I’m thinking of making one in faux suede to be worn over long sleeves.  I wish I had better photos of the back so you can see the swing.  I’m including a small collage of the outtakes and you can see it better in there.

crop top outtakes

Photo session outtakes

From these outtakes, you can get a peek into my crazy photo sessions.  They consist of running around after B while her baby sister wanders around the room.  You can see the baby forehead photo bomb.  I just had to include it because I find it to be hilarious!

Anyway back to the fabulous pattern!  A top and a dress in one.  If that part doesn’t sell you on rushing over to get the pattern, here’s something that may help.  During the Lil Luxe blog tour you can get the patterns at a 30% discount with the code blogtour when you go to the Lil Luxe Collection website, here (affiliate link).

There is also a Rafflecopter giveaway you can participate in!


2 thoughts on “Holiday Revamped Crop Top

    • Thanks! In retrospect I wish I had used the flower fabric on the other side of the band. That way I could reverse the crop top and have the white for the main and flowers on the band. Oh well. Next time!


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