KIJI Kimono Sweater by A + F

When is the last time you sewed something for yourself?  In my 4 years of sewing I have only made 2 items for myself.  I think what was holding me back was the fear of dealing with the darts and form shaping that comes with having boobs and hips.  But I dove head first into  a dress for last year’s Christmas parties.  It wasn’t the greatest success.  Maybe if I feel brave enough I’ll blog about it later.  The second however was a smashing hit!

It’s so hard to find a great stylish sweater that you can wear while nursing.  I tried wearing a poncho but it’s just not practical for carrying purses or backpacks.  Hoodies are so comfy but baby’s face can get scratched by the zipper, or they yank on the buttons of sweaters.  Jenna at Apple and Fig has come up with an amazing solution.  Introducing the KIJI Kimono Sweater.


Apple and Fig is designer that is new to me but when I saw the sweater and the tester call I seriously stalked the post until I was lucky enough to be chosen.  The pattern comes together so quickly and fits all shapes because . . . no darts!!  It’s a loose flowing top that crosses over so you can nurse easily!


There are so many things to love about this pattern.  First, it’s fabulous that it doesn’t look like a nursing top.



Second, it has great butt coverage.  I can feel comfortable wearing leggings or skinny jeans and it covers my back while still being extremely flattering.


Third, the flowing crossover covers any evidence of that dreaded muffin top.  It so much easier and comfortable to run around and play with your kids when you don’t have to worry about your loose bits hanging out.

The top has 3 different options for the collar.  For this sweater I chose the cowl.



The cowl has this adorable wrap around that is just so pretty.  Your other options are a hood, or a flat neck line.  The next one I make will have a hoodie.  You can also choose a short sleeve that will be perfect for spring weather.  I think you can also easily choose the warmth of the sweater based on the material you use.  I used cotton knits here so it’s perfect for LA winter.  Although, did you see that it snowed in Temecula this year!?



I wore this sweater on our flights this winter.  It was perfect coverage for the plane so I didn’t have to pack a nursing cover in addition to the 5 million things that I needed to have for the girls.  Maybe it wasn’t 5 million things, but it sure felt like that while we were running to our connection gate because our flight got delayed.  Winter travel is just so exciting and unpredictable.  Back to the sweater!  Although this is an ideal sweater for nursing, I believe that this will be a staple in my closet long after C weans.  I just love this swoop in the back.



The tutorial is well written with clear pictures and it is so very simple to put together.  My serger was busted at the time so I only used my sewing machine and it came together quickly and beautifully all the same.  To get this pattern for yourself, head over to Apple + Fig.


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