Slim Trousers by Lil Luxe Collection

Happy New Year!  I know, it’s already February.  But we are creeping up on Chinese New Year so I’m both fashionably late and early to the party.  Contrary to my blogging silence, I’ve actually been rather busy.  I can’t wait to show you the latest addition to B’s wardrobe.  She prefers to wear dresses but I send her to school in pants and leggings because she’s rough on her clothes.  She always comes back with stains of unknown origin and occasionally rips and holes.  Since I’ve embarked on this sewing adventure I have not replaced her leggings or pants so B was in desperate need.

Luckily I was able to test this amazing slim trousers pattern by Lil Luxe Collection just in time.

skinny trousers 1

These are made from stretch denim I found in the Joann red tag area.  These pants have such a beautiful clean look and my little fashionista loves the zippers.  The trousers are a slim fit so they look well tailored.

skinny trousers 2

Jessica has once again come up with a pattern I wish I could wear.

Skinny trousers 3


As with all of her patterns, there are lots of options for you.  Starting from the top, you can use elastic or a hidden zipper in the waistband.  Moving down, you can put in pockets in the front and or faux pocket flaps in the back.  Down to the bottom, you can choose this ankle length or an adorable crop length.  And finally, you can choose to add the side zippers.  If you are put off by installing zippers, don’t be because the tutorial walks you right through it.  Alternatively, you can omit the zippers all together.

For my next pair I chose a black lace zipper.

skinny trousers 4


This is even simpler to put in.  You just follow all the instructions up to where you install the zipper and just sew it right on top.  Easy as can be!

skinny trousers 5


This fabric is a bottom weight with 2% spandex.  It’s super sturdy too.  She’s gone to school with these pants at least 3 times now and they have held up to her rough play.  Other than coming hone with mysterious chocolate stains, we have had no ripping or tearing.

skinny trousers 6

Don’t worry about the grumpy face.  No children were harmed in the taking of these photos.  She was just upset that her sister was playing with her toys.  Here is a behind the scenes shot of the baby running off with a beloved toy something or another.


It is usually a battle to get her to wear pants that aren’t leggings because she complains that they aren’t comfortable.  Fortunately she loves these pants and she is more than willing to pull them out of her dresser when it’s time to head out the door.  I love that I don’t have to be the mean mommy that makes her wear uncomfortable pants.  I chose to omit the invisible zipper so she can dress herself and use the potty by herself at school.



Hurry run over to get the pattern on sale until Wed Feb 11th!  Head over here (affiliate) to get your hands on the pattern.

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