City Girl Romper

It is the season of the romper!  What is so special about a romper?  For us it means that I don’t have to worry about what combination of clothes my daughter will come up with.  Today she chose to wear cream and brown leopard print pants with a colorful pink and purple striped shirt.  Yesterday she wore blue leggings, a green tutu, and a pink polka dot shirt.  I’ve learned at this point not to argue with her fashion choices but sometimes what she wears does matter.  In these particular situations, the romper is perfect because they come already coordinated.  Whew.

sunsuit wow

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to test out the City Girl Romper by Lil Luxe Collection.  This lovely little number has style.  It’s classic and modern with all the right details to make it super unique.


I chose to sew up the sun suit option for my daughter.

My favorite part about this romper is the lovely back.  It’s beautiful and keeps the kiddos nice and cool.

sunsuit back

The sun suit has inverted pleats on the legs that are simply darling and gives the bottoms a cute little flair without being like bloomers.  If you aren’t a fan of pleats, there is also an option for elastic casing.  The romper also has the option of trousers and capris.  I also sewed up the trouser version for my daughter’s best friend.

City Romper Front

The waist has an elastic casing that is really comfortable for the girls.

City Romper back no Butterflies

It’s really easy to take on and off.  The girls do need help with tying up the back after using the restroom but the romper will not fall off with just the straps on so they can make it to you without incident.

City Romper back closeup

The trouser option really styles up the romper and you could easily choose a fabric that would make it suitable for a dinner out.  In fact, the little girl’s father said that the romper style looked like something a woman could wear into a board room.

city romper side



This last picture is the last time we ever saw this romper.  We were visiting Disneyland and shortly after this photo the weather cooled off so I changed my daughter into pants and long sleeves.  I left the romper with the stroller which got stollen!  Who steals a stroller?!?  Jerky Jerksters, that’s who!  Fortunately I had my phone and my wallet in the ergo with baby C, so we were able to get home.  Now we are minus the romper, some other clothes, 2 camel bak water bottles, and a stroller that I didn’t realize I felt so sentimental about.

bonnie in the stroller

B in the stroller, probably when she was C’s age.


Because I don’t want to end this post on such a sour note.  I’ll share this artsy fartsy photo of the stollen romper and the wonderful news that the pattern is releasing today!  Just click here! (affiliate link)


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