Bow Back Beauty: Pony Edition

It’s the last day of the Bow Back Beauty Blog Hop!  I can’t believe this week has gone by so quickly!  Be sure to go back and check out all the other lovely entries in the blog hop.

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I’m sorry to say that I probably put Lydia through the wringer on this one.  I had my mind set on May 3rd as my due date, completely forgetting about that darn time difference.  Sorry for the stress Lydia!

Timeliness aside, I am very excited to share my version of the bow back dress.  Obviously, one of the things I love about this dress is the beautiful bow in the back.


It took me forever to choose fabric for this dress because my serger is still busted and I wasn’t looking forward to hemming knit.  Then I thought, well it doesn’t have to be knit does it?  My daughter picked out this MLP fabric ages ago and I didn’t know what to do with it.  It worked out perfectly as a skirt that I just attached to the bodice.  So fast!


B loves the ponies and named each one as soon as she pulled the dress on.


I really can’t say enough how amazing the bow is.  The construction is so very clever and the seams are encased with binding, so it’s very comfortable too.  I’m such a nerd about unique construction and I have to say that I definitely geeked out about this one.  When I saw it in photos, I was already impressed with how fabulous it looks.  But when you put it together yourself, it’s perfection.  It sews so quickly and easily too. Bet you would never guess that.


Additionally, there are so many different options in the pattern.  You can chose all manner of sleeves (long, short, sleeveless, gathered, cuffed).  The pattern peices for the bodice has a natural waist line and a drop waist option.  There is also a peplum skirt, a hi-low skirt, and a long skirt.  She also has instructions and pattern peices for making a onsie, with and without a skirt attached.  It’s nuts!  At first it is overwhelming because there are so very many options.  If you are pressed for time, she even has a plain back.  But why would you want that if you could have this beauty?


B is feeling a little under the weather so I couldn’t get a good smile, but I promise that she loves the dress.  She informed me that she wants to wear it to bed tonight.  I love hearing that she adores something I made so much that she wants to wear it all day long.

Want to join in on the fun?  Lydia is hosting a giveaway!  Click on the link below to enter.  You don’t want to miss out!

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