The Ishi – For the Love of Pockets

I’ve followed An from StraightGrain from almost the very beginning. In fact it was her bubble dress that started me on this sewing adventure. I immediately fell in love with her choice of fabrics and elegant designs. During my sewing mishaps, I pestered her with a load of silly questions because I really didn’t know what I was doing. But An was always so very nice and helpful walking me through the all the steps. Since she started making patterns, reading her tutorials is like having someone sit by your side guiding you through each step. I feel incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to test her latest design, The Ishi. 


This dress is the perfect template to showcase some marvelous fabric. You’ll want to use some of your heavier options because it shows off the A-line and drape of the dress better.

This was a fantastic opportunity to use this adorable panda print that I’ve been holding onto for just the right project.  The shape of the side panel is unique too!

I chose to use an invisible zipper in the back and the tutorial also includes a button closure.

My favorite part about the dress: The POCKETS! Look how adorable they are. Fantastic for storing those little treasures. Just make sure to check the pockets before you toss the dress into the wash. After washing I found legos, beads, leaves, and pompoms littered throughout the laundry. My darling little collector finds the smallest things in the corners of her world.

I sewed up the angled pockets but there is also a pattern piece for a flat pocket too.

The dress is incredibly comfortable and beautiful without being fussy. Which is perfect for my girls who are always on the go. Baby C (who isn’t much of a baby anymore), is an avid climber of things and the design of this dress is great for movement. Her little feet and knees don’t get caught in the folds, which is a relief because she doesn’t need anything other than her developing balance to help her fall.

The ISHI tour goes from May through June.  Check out the button and the tour members for their amazing creations!

Thanks for having me An, I feel so honored!

ishi tour button

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