Sew ‘n Style Blog Tour: The Kindergarden Collection

Welcome to the second stop on the Sew ‘n Style Blog Tour!  If you follow my blog, thanks for sticking around so patiently.  Things have been pretty nuts around here, but I’m so glad I made time to sit down and participate in this tour.

If you don’t know what’s up with this tour, here’s my attempt to explain it.  The tour is a challenge to create a mini-collection for your child with a cohesive theme.  It’s a chance to involve the child into the creative process and consciously think about the designs and fabric choices.

Creating a collection was particularly daunting for me as I’m more of a sewing-on-a-whim kind of a girl.  My choice of fabric is usually just whatever catches my eye and seems fun that day.  While a mini-collection is fairly intimidating, I thought it would be a perfect kick in the pants to get B’s wardrobe school-ready.  Creating a pretty and playful ready for school collection became the inspiration for my collection.  So here it is!

collection title 4

Before I get ahead of myself, let me share my collage of inspiration for the collection.  (All the images were pulled from google image searches.)

Collection Inspiration

Bonnie is a fan of colors, the more the merrier.  If she could choose her wardrobe would probably be a mashup of all the colors in dresses only.  My thoughts for the her kindergarden collection was to pull in those pops of colors she loves, softened with the dainty feminine feel of floral prints.   In shapes I aimed to tie in aspects of tulips, either in the petals or the velvety texture.

The first piece of the collection is none other than the Alley Cat Romper (ACR).  Truly a Lil Luxe Collection (LLC) classic, and a staple in my daughter’s wardrobe.  It’s the easiest to dress her in because we don’t have to worry about coordinating a top.  The ACR is comfortable and stylish all in one.  Bonnie picked out the fabric of this romper and regularly visited my stash to remind me to make something for her with it.  Secretly, I had plans to make joggers for myself but she won in the end.  As always.

B and C 320

B and C 329How could I resist this face?
B and C 338

The next outfit of the mini collection is the LLC City Girl Swing Top and the LLC Slim Trousers.  I hacked both patterns for the collection.  For the top, I added a button placket and brought the back scoop up.  The fabric for the top is a sheer floral pattern with subtle stripes.  Since the top material is more sheer, I made the lining longer to cover up her belly button.

B and C 260

B and C 277

Originally I wanted the button placket to be in the back but B, contrary as usual, decided that it had to be in the front.  Luckily it works both ways!

B and C 269

I added tulip petal sleeves to the top and trimmed it with the yellow bias tape made from the same material as the placket.

B and C 289

The Slim Trousers were only slightly modified.  I added curves to the cuffs to get a little of that tulip action.  A co-worker of mine suggested that I call the pants petal-pushers.

B and C 288

I added a pop of color on the pockets for my fun loving girl.

B and C 263

And now for my favorite piece.  This dress was certainly a labor of love.  The sheer material was a bear to work with but in the end I love the soft look of the layers.  For this dress, I used the bodice of the ACR.  Then I narrowed the dress from the Charming Tee pattern and added the top of the ACR romper curve.  Using the full dress from the Charming Tee, I sketched out a tulip overlap for the sheer material.  The back of the skirt was dropped a few inches lower for a more dramatic effect.

B and C 207

I can always tell when B loves an outfit I have made her.  She starts to preen and pose, twirl and spin.

B and C 241

B and C 342The overlay of the skirt is 3 pieces.  It wasn’t so hard after the hemming so long as I pinned, a lot.  I love this photo of B dancing to her own music.

B and C 348

B and C 350

This has to be my favorite photo of the collection.  B was contently gazing into the flower petals, with the sunlight turning golden behind her.  This millisecond of content is exactly what makes sewing for her worth it.  She is my beautiful handful of mischief.

B and C 357

Thanks for checking out my mini collection!  Be sure to click on the link below to check out the rest of the tour.

Read more about the Sew ’n Style Series  and visit the contest page with Link up where we have contest prizes totaling over $350 from our gracious sponsors.


16 thoughts on “Sew ‘n Style Blog Tour: The Kindergarden Collection

  1. Dorothea – Your whole collection is so sweet. I especially love that last dress where you overlapped the front with the sheer fabric – so ethereal.


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