Level UP! Pea Coat

If sewing were a video game, I’d like you to imagine me as a the little character bounding into the next level.  If you ever played mario bros, feel free to imagine the level up tune.  Now that is probably stuck in your head for the rest of the day, you’re welcome.  😉

Anyway, back to why I deserve some sort of badge of achievement.  I made a coat.  Not just a shrug, or a cover, but a proper freaking coat.  A fully lined, collared, double breasted, individually tailored pea coat.

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to test for the new to me, Winter Wear Designer, Suzanne Winter.  Psst, there is an awesome Black Friday sale going on.  When Suzanne posted the tester call for the Pea Coat, I signed up, crossed my fingers and toes, and stalked the posting.  I have been sewing for my girls for years, but haven’t really made that much for myself so I didn’t really think I’d make the cut.  Anyway, long story short, I was beyond thrilled to get picked.  Who doesn’t need a nice tailored coat?!

So here it is, me posing with a tree in my fabulous coat.


I really need to work on my modeling skills.  But check out the curve on that front hem line.


So what do I love about this coat?  EVERYTHING.  Check out those back details; curved back yoke, belt, and the slimming side panels.


But wait, there is still more.


Welt Pockets!  Also lined :).


I’m actually really proud of my top stitching here.  Suzanne has a really clever way of putting the lining into the jacket that is really well explained as well as photo documented.


The sleeves and a few inches along the bottom hem are the only places where you will need to hand stitch.  I can’t stand hand stitching, but it is so worth it in this case.

The double breasted front is both snappy and functional.  It certainly keeps me warm and I got a lot of compliments.


Even friends and family who know I sew were surprised that I made this jacket by myself.

The bonus that will really sell this pattern is the tutorial that Suzanne has included on how to fit the pattern to your body.  She has detailed instructions on how to alter the sleeves even.  Seriously, even if you don’t plan on making the coat right away, you can use the knowledge to adjust any sleeve.  That being said, for those wary of having to make adjustments,  I didn’t really need to make the adjustments for me.  The coat would have been just as lovely, but I prefer having the shoulders of my coat to fit perfectly so that the rest of the coat will drape well.  So, what did I change?  I took in the shoulders about 0.5″ and lowered the armsyce about 0.25″, and that’s it.


I wore my pea coat to a weekend away with my mommy group friends to Paso Robles and felt warm and stylish.  Unfortunately, I didn’t take any photos with me in the jacket, doh!  Let’s just say I had too much during the tasting and spent a good part of it sleeping it off in the car.  Still, a nap without kids bugging you is pure bliss.

Because a post would not be complete without the said kids.  Here they are trying to get into the pea coat action.


how abou

Suzanne hinted that a kid’s pea coat may be in the pipeline :).  How adorable would that be!

Link to the pattern!

Black Friday-Cyber Monday Sales on Pattern Revolution.

Definitely join Suzanne’s FB group for other sales and inspiration.



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