Show your flair with the Northwest Flare

I can not believe I haven’t blogged about these amazing pants.  Also, a half-hearted apology is being extended for my silly title.  Anyway, before the sew along ends, I really want to share these pants.DSC_2295.JPG


So, how do you know that your kid loves the pants that you made them?  Answer: when they dig through their dirty laundry to retrieve them for another day!


Can you blame me?  These pants are comfy!

I’d scold her, but I really should just make her more of these.  And who among us can claim they have never done the same for their favorite jeans?


I’m looking at you …

The truth is, while I think skinny jeans are adorable on her, she HATES them.  Really really hates them.  She’ll argue with me for upwards of 30 minutes to get out of wearing them, tears and everything.  But no one can wear leggings everyday.  Especially when they make holes in the knees after 4 wears.



Other than the leg lengthening silhouette (her legs looks miles long), there are some beautiful details on these pants.  For one, flat felled seams for durability, and style of course.  It features slash pockets deep enough to store big treasures.

mini pic.jpg

The cutest little welt pockets for the tiny treasures.


The thicker cuffs add a nice finishing touch to it all.


I forgot to mention the best part of all!  Elastic waist and no zipper/buttons needed.  WHAT?!?!  And that is exactly why these are her most comfortable jeans to date!  Come join the sew along and make the comfiest and stylish jeans in her wardrobe.

Psst…  there’s a sale on the Northwest Flares going on right now!







Lil Luxe Dress

Now that you’ve seen the OTT (over-the-top) version of the Lil Luxe Dress, it’s time to see it in all it’s classic splendor!  As a special Christmas celebration, we went to see the San Francisco Ballet perform the Nutcracker Ballet at the War Memorial Opera House.  Clearly, this meant that B would need a fancy dress that was worthy of the occasion.  Luckily, the test of the Luxe Dress coincided perfectly.  This dress is truly the epitome of elegance and style.


In retrospect I should not have given B the little nutcracker and mouse until after we took photos because she would not let go of them.  Still, it’s a great memory of when we took the photos.

It was also very special to be able to spend the time with my side of the family!


That gorgeous woman in the middle is my lovely mother.  She didn’t know that this would be going into the blog.  Hi, Ma-Ma!


This dress was made with a royal navy satin with a subtle sheen.  The fabric was a bit heavy but the skirt was able to handle the weight in spectacular twirl fashion.  I chose to hand-stitch the horse hair braid since the blind stitch still showed more than I wanted it to.  I think that part took about 45 minutes, but was well worth the effort.  Feel free to look closely.  😉


The bodice is inspired by the original Alley Cat Romper.  The cap sleeves are so chic and adorable on her little frame.


I thought that the red of the poinsettia plants made the blue of the dress really stand out.  Check out the hint of tulle, too.  To be honest, you don’t need to tulle for the skirt to have this amazing shape.  This is a very different look of the dress than C’s NYE dress.  Just goes to show how versatile the pattern is!


But it sure adds a feeling of grandeur.  B felt like a princess in this dress.  We got lots of compliments and a ton of attention as she walked by.  Little girls in princess dresses stopped to gawk at B’s dress.  I wish I could have gotten some photos outside the beautiful Opera House but it was just way too cold for our Southern California blood.  I know Grandma and Grandpa will be chuckling about this in their subzero weather.

And now for the most stunning view of the dress in my opinion!


The scoop back!  You can add buttons for added glamour.  I even had these perfect pearlesent flower buttons.  However, since we were going to be sitting for a couple of hours, I knew that sitting against buttons would irritate B.  Speaking of comfort, the bodice is fully lined!  I hand-stitched the bodice lining to sandwich the skirt so there were no seams to bug B.  It’s not something you have to do, but it’s a great option if your child doesn’t like the rubbing of seams.


The Lil Luxe Dress is on SALE for a limited time!  The next time Jessica is going to have a site wide sale won’t be until spring.

(Thanks for lending us the necklace Xiao-Yi!)