Ringing in the New Year with a ROAR!

Happy New Year!  Hope 2015 was full of happiness and joy for you and yours.  It has definitely been a ride for us this year.  I’m excited to see what 2016 will bring.  As a part of the celebratory spirit, I’m honored to be a part of a fun and talented group of artists.  We are all celebrating the new year by creating a Katy Perry inspired outfit or item.

Katy Perry Party Title photo

Usually I am not an Over The Top kind of a girl, so this project was way out of my comfort zone.  However, I could not pass it up because I knew that it could be so much fun!  At first I thought I would try to draw inspiration from a concert photo.  But then my eldest came home singing the song Roar and my youngest became obsessed.  Her favorite part is when Katy screams, she likes to scream along.  That when I knew that I had to make a Roar inspired outfit for her.

So here it is!  Presenting C in her role as the champion whose roar like thunder will shake the ground.

BL - roar caption

The outfit started out with the cheetah print and grew from there.  My first thought was to use a black skirt, but fellow blogger Starly convinced me to go with the green as it is what stands out so much in the video.

BL - Close up of face

As a last minute addition, I decided to add some gold performance material around the neckline of the bodice to create a fringe.  I sewed the gold material in between the bodice main and lining, then cut the fringe after I completed the bodice.

BL - Playing with colors

Now the skirt was the time consuming and wow factor.  I found this 1.5 yard of green satin tucked away between some wovens.  (I really need to organize my fabric stash better.)  To get it to fit the skirt pattern pieces I had to tetris the material and add a bit to the edges to account for the additional seams.

BL - front smiling

Luckily you can’t see the seams in the voluminous skirt.  Plus the seams are french seams so no raw stringy bits!

BL - Cute smile

The pattern I used was created by the amazing Jessica Bustos of Lil Luxe Collections.  In this pattern (to be released today!!), the tulle actually goes under the skirt but I wanted to have the layer effect hint at the leafy skirt Katy is wearing in the video.

BL - front smiling 2

Here’s a close up of the monkey!  We had to improvise as we don’t have a real monkey handy.

BL - Playing with skirt

Back to the creation of the skirt.  I intended to have the tulle over the entire circumference of the skirt.  As I gathered it and pinned it to the bodice, I started thinking that tufts of tulle at her hips would feel really tropical and fun.  So I doubled over the tulle and only sewed it at the sides.

BL - Gazing into fountain.JPG

The flowers in her hair was also a last minute grab as we ran out the door.  I just wish I had a red flower!

BL - CandTiger

Remember the cool scene from the movie where Katy gazes into the water and sees a tiger as her reflection?  My friend Todd lent me his photoshot skills and put a tiger into the water feature for C to gaze at.  I think it’s pretty awesome, thanks Todd!

BL - side view

I’m hoping you like our version of the jungle.  This is the closest I’ll get to a jungle in LA!

BL - where are the coconuts

Here is C looking for coconuts up on the light post.  She may be looking for a long time.

BL - Back of dress

I love the fullness of this skirt.  It’s just so incredibly couture.  I took so many photos of the back of the dress.  There are a couple of reasons for this.  The first reason is that the back is gorgeous.  I wish I could wear a back that like that.  The second reason is that C kept running away from me.  I must have looked like a weirdo running after my child while snapping photos.  Because I don’t want to choose, I picked some of my favorites and made a collage.

BL - Back collage

This theme was also a great opportunity to play with the stylized scenes from the video.

BL - Playing with colors

There is this scene I love with fireflies hovering over Katy.  I decided to play with some picmonkey stars and highlight the pop of color.

I hope that you enjoyed this Katy inspired dress as much as I enjoyed putting it together!  My last photo is actually one of my favorites and my husband’s least favorite.  In the video, the end scene fades to an image that looks hand drawn with a cartoonish, “THE END”.  This is my “homage” to that scene.  I feel it is quite fitting.  Thanks for spending time here!  Happy New Year!



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14 thoughts on “Ringing in the New Year with a ROAR!

    • Thanks Melissa!! I’m blushing over here :). I’m not actually sure where she can where this but I will certainly bring it out whenever I can :). It’s hanging in our hallway now and C goes to pet it every so often saying, “Char-letta dress.”


  1. This is just TOO AWESOME!!!!! I can’t get over how fabulous this is!! The back is terrific, yes! And your daughter is the perfect model — so adorable!! I love love love love looooooooove your dress!!


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