LLC Luxe Dress: Embroidered Bodice Panel

LLDress Graphic

Welcome to the last stop of the Luxe Dress blog tour!  I’m very excited that you have come to visit.  Excited and also nervous because I’ve reached a milestone in the life of this blog.  It’s is my first time guest blogging!

With Angie B.’s awesome and patient help, I’ve put together a mini-tutorial how to customize your Luxe Dress with a machine embroidered panel.

Machine embroidery is definitely one of those times that I’m so grateful I’m sort of an engineer.  I say sort of because my degree is in Physics, but I’ve trained in engineering roles.  Ask me how many times I have bonked my head with a disabled light curtain.  Actually don’t, it is embarrassing.  My machine, although fantastic, is a bit of a toddler.  If you turn away for one second it starts acting up.  During this panel I had to unscrew and remove the covers to hunt down a rogue thread that was jamming up my tension.  The hardest part is probably figuring out how things are supposed to come together again!

As always I love questions and comments of all kinds.  Just don’t ask me how long it takes me to run 3 miles because it’s also embarrassing right now.

Here’s the finished product!

Luxe Blog Tour


I decided to go with a french country theme.  In my head my photo shoot was going to be at the park with a picnic blanket, a wicker basket and maybe a baguette.  But life happened and here we are at the park sans accessories.  Feel free to imagine a gingham blanket if you wish.  🙂


The photo is a bit blurry but it shows the movement of the dress so well.

I also have a special surprise.  Lil Luxe Collection is finally expanding their collection into tweens and woman’s sizing.  I’m dancing a jig in my head over here.  The first pattern that is getting “biggified”, to no surprise since it is the epitome of the LLC style, is the Luxe Dress!  I was lucky enough to make a Mommy and Me version for B and me.


Since the dress is currently in testing mode, there may be some changes to the final version.  For my daughter’s dress, I used a chambray I was gifted from her preschool teacher.  The skirt is a beautiful Moda print that matched the embroidery so well.  My dress is made of a Robert Kaufman chambray.  I finished the skirt with bias tape made from the same fabric as my daughter’s skirt.


I just adore the scoop back of these dresses!  Since I went with a more casual feel, I decided not to use the Horse Hair Braid like the other 2 dresses I made.


Check out the movement you get on the woman’s version too.


This is also my very first mommy and me set ever!  I can’t believe I waited so long to coordinate with my daughter.



Thanks for joining me here and thanks also to Jessica and Angie for inviting me on this fun journey!

Don’t forget the dress is currently on sale for the girl’s version.  There is also a great prize packets for winners of the link up party!

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