Maker’s Tote for Travel

It’s been far too long since I’ve blogged or posted.  Don’t worry I’ve been busy sewing like crazy behind the scenes.  What’s that old saying about a duck, calm on the surface and paddling hard under water?  At any rate, I have felt underwater!

With a trip coming up on the horizon, I wanted to make sure the girls would be well entertained and busy while traveling.  My first priority was to have a bag that could store all the activities and toys that I planned to make/buy.  After the list grew to over 7 items per kid, I realized that I need a bag with LOTs of pockets.

While thumbing through IG, the Maker’s Tote by Noodlehead popped up.  I fell in love with the bag immediately and decided that it would be the perfect bag for the girls.  Picking the fabric was the fun part.  I already had this gorgeous Alice in Wonderland print that I had planned to turn into a bag for B.  I also had a cute panda print that would be ideal for C.


Then I just had to find coordinating prints for the pockets.  I thought of using a deep purple for B’s tote.  But B loves colors and pink so I went with a vibrant pink for the bias binding and pink hearts for the lining and the pocket.  I found this adorable bunny key chain at Daiso (Japanese Dollar Store) to use as a zipper pull.  I wish it was a white rabbit to go with the bag theme but this pink one coordinates well.


Now for a look at all the goodies packed inside!


I should have taken more photos of the inside of the bag without all the toys, but I’m a bum and I’m not going to.  I will say though, I love love love the pockets on the inside!  There are four pockets, 2 pleated pockets and 2 slip pockets.  The main fabric I used for the pockets are from a scrap pack that I purchased from @Llamafabrics on IG.  Maybe later when I’m not being such a bum I’ll take some photos of the lovely cotton and steel fabric.

My guess is that the doll probably catches your eye first.  🙂


This adorable little doll is from a cheater doll kit that is already printed onto the fabric.  The fabric is by Stacy Hsu for Moda.  The fabric panel also has directions for sewing up the doll.  I only changed how I sewed the skirt.  The instructions has you created a casing around the waist band and using a tie to fasten the skirt.  I chose to put elastic into the waist band and use french seams for the sides.  The doll as a blanket, wolf friend, cape, skirt, and a pillow.  I’m hoping that B’ll have fun tucking the doll in and playing with her accessories.


In addition to the doll, there are a ton of other goodies; a container of bitty plastic animals, a magic ink Dory coloring book, 1 blank notebook, 1 lined notebook, 3 ink cartridge pen, cracker snacks, lollipops for takeoff and landing, and colored pencils.  Where are the colored pencils?


Ta-Dah!!  I made a bag for them.  These are thick short pencils from Ikea and the plastic container that it comes with was too bulky to use in the bag.  This was my first crack at the idea.  The bag is fully lined, which makes me happy.  My husband drilled a hole into the pencil sharpener so I could tie it to the bag to keep it from getting lost.  It’s so nice to have such a handy husband.  Thanks honey!

Now for all the fun in C’s bag.  Check out the panda zipper pull and the leather strip zipper pull.  It was slightly difficult to pull through, but if you trim the leather strip at a diagonal you can wiggle it in.


Now for all the toys!


C has a bit more toys because the iPad doesn’t hold her attention as well.  So she has; a mermaid doll and accessories, a container of bitty aquatic animals, matching shape cards, lacing cards, 2 notebooks (blank and lined), fish stickers, snacks, pompom stuffer/sorter, ribbon felt caterpillar, and colored pencils.

The doll has a skirt and a mermaid tail.  Again, I used the elastic in the waistbands, and french seams for both the skirt and tail.  She has an adorable little sea horse buddy as well.


The ribbon caterpillar and the pompom stuffer were ideas that I saw on pinterest.  You thread the felt squares through the buttons attached to the ribbon.  The pompom stuffing toy was also an assist from my husband.  He helped drill holes into the butter container.  The plan was to paint the lid white and the edges of the holes the color of the pompoms so she can sort.  I might still do it but I might be travel kitted out now.


The colored pencil bag was my second go at it so I also interfaced the fabric and slightly curved the edges of the flap.  It’s still fully lined.


If I have time, I’ll make boxy bags for the dolls and their accessories.  I have a feeling I’ll be chasing all the doll accessories if I don’t have a special bag for them.

And that’s it!  If you made it this far, hope you found these bags and their toys interesting!


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