Sewing for Kindergarten!

Hi there!  Thanks for joining me on this stop of the Sewing for Kindergarten sewing series. There are so many amazing bloggers here, I feel so special to be included.  Head over to Sewing like Mad to check out the other inspiring stops!  Wait, don’t go yet!  I haven’t shown you the outfits yet!


My inspiration for my creations is actually from my kindergarten-er herself.  Like her mom she is a huge fan of prints.  Unlike her mom, she is brave enough to sport her prints. Sometimes all at the same time.  It makes for some interesting combinations.  With this in mind, I decided to make  coordinated outfits.  The only restriction I had was with regards to the school dress code.  I’m not going to get into that but these outfits are school “appropriate” and yet I managed to exhibit her style.  At least I hope so.  I’ll let you be the judge of that.

First up is this short sleeve + shorts combo.


Here she is modeling how she posed for her school photos.  I thought it was most appropriate for this series.


The top is the Glass Onion Top by Shwin Designs.  The neckline is designed to be finished with facing but in my experience with my wiggly child, facings tend to pop out.  Additionally, B is not a fan of seams so I try to make clean finishes where ever possible.


The details of my hack:

I modified with a narrow bias tape to eliminate the need for the facing.  I cut on the bias with a 1″ width and pressed one side up.  The unpressed side was sewn around the neck line right sides together.  Then I folded the bias tape over to the inside with the pressed fold hiding the raw edge.  I contemplated sewing down the tape with my machine but wasn’t excited about how that would look in the back.  I was concerned it would screw with the beautiful pleats in the back.  So I hand stitched the tape down.  I know, Blech.  But it was worth it I think.



The fabric is Cotton and Steel which is simply amazing to work with.  My favorite part of the pattern is this back.  The cap sleeve are pretty darn cute too!  The best part in B’s view, no neckline seams AND no fasteners (buttons/zippers/hooks) to deal with.  It just pulls over her head.

Now for the shorts.  Oh these shorts!


I don’t know why I only have this one close up photo of these shorts.  But I love them so much!  I used a linen and a lace trim.  Can you see the scalloped waist band??  It also has good sized pockets.  It’s a flat front waist band with elastic in the back.  The Papillion Shorties pattern was created by Jessica and Angie of Lil Luxe Collections.  Seriously, I’m in love with these.  I have 2 more planned.

Next up, a more relaxed casual feel because my B is all about comfort. I think C will be different.  She wore a pair of ballet flats that rubbed her feet wrong and she refused to take them off because they were “princess shoes”.  B wore those shoes for all of 5 minutes and refused to put them on again.  Funny how kids are so different!


This is the comfy knit outfit.  The top is the Mini Briar by Megan Nielsen.  The only modification is that I put an interfacing under the heart so that it would be sturdier.  The jersey knit was too thin and I had nightmares of the middle of my tee getting chewed up by the feed dogs.

dsc_6091The Mini Briar has a beautiful curved hem that was a gentle enough to turn up and hem easily.  I just serged the edge, turned it up and top stitched it down.

The Joggers bottoms are by Cali Faye.  I really love the pleats in the front.  The next one I make though, I think I will take out the pockets or have to under stitch them because they keep poking out.  It may have been because of the fabric I used though.  It was almost as thick as a scuba.



I am a huge fan of the shape of the joggers and the look of the wide cuff.

Third up is the picture day outfit.  It’s the Emma’s Herringbone pattern by Simple Life Pattern Company.


Surprisingly, piecing together this bodice didn’t take as much time as I thought it would.  It also inspired me to start on another quilt.  Which will get finished. .. someday.



The only modification I made on this pattern was that I hand stitched the bodice lining down around the waist.  Also, I used a French Seam along the sides of the skirt.  So the dress is as pretty on the inside as it is on the outside.  I’m excited to see how the school photos turn out.  Last year when B was in transitional kindergarten I completely forgot about school photos.  So this year I am starting with a win! hahhaa.

Last, but not least, no school wardrobe is complete without a pinafore.  In my mind at least!  The Pembridge Pinafore is probably my favorite pattern of the year.  It’s another creation by Lil Luxe Collection and it’s the perfect blend of modern and vintage.


So this outfit is a bit of a cheat because it’s actually from a pattern test.  BUT, I planned it with thoughts of school in mind.  B loves wearing dresses to school.  The top under the pinafore is a modified alley cat romper.


The back waist has elastic and the straps can be either be crossed or just straight back.


I hope you enjoyed the outfits!  I certainly had fun putting together this mini wardrobe.  It was a great kick in the butt to get going on her school clothes.  She recently had a growth spurt and everything is getting too small.

I’m so happy school has started.  It’s really nice to have a normal regular schedule again.  Since I work 4 days a week, it is hard to juggle all the different summer camps during the summer.  Thankfully my parents have been an ENORMOUS help!  I could not have survived this summer without them.  THANKS MOM!  I think that this transition into kindergarten has been easy for me because last year B was at the same campus going to transitional kindergarten.  They play in the same yard and know all the teachers so she didn’t have any nerves going into the year.  B is most happy that she has one of her best friends in her class and is already fond of her teacher.

Don’t forget to head over to Sewing Like Mad to catch the rest of the series!  Thanks for having me Mie!


Sun-Kissed Sunsuit

Fall is supposed to be approaching us as we are back in school.  However, here in drought ridden LA, we are still feeling the heat.  I’m sure you aren’t feeling too bad for us!  😉

At any rate, it’s a good thing we are still in the middle of summer weather.  This is because I have an adorable sunsuit romper to share.


This dreamy pattern was cooked up by Bella Sunshine Designs. This versatile pattern can also be a dress, maxi, or a halter top, all with or without a ruffle flounce. I chose the ruffled romper with the snap bottom because I really love rompers on a toddler/preschooler, but I need quick diaper/potty time.



The ruffle is so float-y and lovely.  It’s also perfect for embellishing.  For this flounce I chose to use use lace and have it hang over the edge of the ruffle.  I really love the look of the lace trim for this romper.  One of the testers used poms and it was simply adorable.


The bottom legs of the romper has a ruffled edge that is actually easier than it looks to construct.  The only issue I had was my own doing.  The fabric looks soft and gauzy when in fact it is actually rougher than expected.  I cut the pattern piece for the leg band in half lengthwise and added 3/8 SA.  Then I cut out the main piece (the scratchy fabric) and then the softer lining fabric.


I did the same for the straps as well.  The bodice had a facing, so I was able to just cut the facing from the lining fabric.  I think this worked since my daughter told me that her romper felt soft like a pillow!  It’s more work but wouldn’t you do anything for this little face?!DSC_5820

I’m happy that C will be able to keep wearing this for a couple of months.  After that I think I might cut off the bottoms so she can still wear the top under a little cardi.  Sometimes I’m sad that she’s my last baby and that I won’t have little to sew for.  But then I look at my 5 year old who is coming into a fantastic era of self-sufficiency and I really can’t imagine going backwards.

Here’s to cherishing the time I have now!