Sun-Kissed Sunsuit

Fall is supposed to be approaching us as we are back in school.  However, here in drought ridden LA, we are still feeling the heat.  I’m sure you aren’t feeling too bad for us!  😉

At any rate, it’s a good thing we are still in the middle of summer weather.  This is because I have an adorable sunsuit romper to share.


This dreamy pattern was cooked up by Bella Sunshine Designs. This versatile pattern can also be a dress, maxi, or a halter top, all with or without a ruffle flounce. I chose the ruffled romper with the snap bottom because I really love rompers on a toddler/preschooler, but I need quick diaper/potty time.



The ruffle is so float-y and lovely.  It’s also perfect for embellishing.  For this flounce I chose to use use lace and have it hang over the edge of the ruffle.  I really love the look of the lace trim for this romper.  One of the testers used poms and it was simply adorable.


The bottom legs of the romper has a ruffled edge that is actually easier than it looks to construct.  The only issue I had was my own doing.  The fabric looks soft and gauzy when in fact it is actually rougher than expected.  I cut the pattern piece for the leg band in half lengthwise and added 3/8 SA.  Then I cut out the main piece (the scratchy fabric) and then the softer lining fabric.


I did the same for the straps as well.  The bodice had a facing, so I was able to just cut the facing from the lining fabric.  I think this worked since my daughter told me that her romper felt soft like a pillow!  It’s more work but wouldn’t you do anything for this little face?!DSC_5820

I’m happy that C will be able to keep wearing this for a couple of months.  After that I think I might cut off the bottoms so she can still wear the top under a little cardi.  Sometimes I’m sad that she’s my last baby and that I won’t have little to sew for.  But then I look at my 5 year old who is coming into a fantastic era of self-sufficiency and I really can’t imagine going backwards.

Here’s to cherishing the time I have now!



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