Flyaway Cardigan + Saucy Skirt Rainbow Edition

By popular demand, Dandelions N’ Dungarees have sized up (upsized?)  the Flyaway Ruffle Cardigan and Saucy Skirt!  This time I was able to test for my older daughter.  I have this fabulous knit that I’ve been hoarding for a while.  It’s actually a double sized knit with rainbow stripes on one side and tiny dots on the other size.  The knit is also super soft!  IMG_8597Other than prints with animals on them, I’m a sucker for soft fabrics. Initially I was thinking of doing this ruffled knit for the ruffle panel.


While I was auditioning the fabric, my husband walked by and suggested a rainbow because of the rainbow dots.  I thought it was a brilliant idea and it also required me to head to the fabric store.  That’s what I call a win-win.  I whipped up the cardigan in no time.  Well, the ruffles took some time but the rest of it when smoothly since I’ve done it before and the instructions really hold your hand.  B was super excited about it and wore it to school the next day. rainbowflyawayback rainbowfullview Obviously she had to have a skirt to match.  The skirt pattern is called the Saucy Skirt and it certainly is that.  It’s a super quick and easy circle skirt pattern.  I think I whipped up the skirt, including the rainbow panel in less than an hour.  The Saucy skirt has a 3 fun options.  You can make a single layer (like this one), 2 layer skirt  (like the one I made C), or a 2 layer with a sassy tie.  I chose to go with a navy so my little model wouldn’t be all in black.  Also for some added flair, a rainbow panel! rainbowskirtdetail This was so easy to do!  I serged a vertical panel with the rainbow remnants from the ruffle panel.  Then I cut out my skirt panel as you normally would.  Then I took a wedge out of the pattern piece the same size that I wanted the rainbow panel to be.  Using that pattern wedge, I cut my rainbow panel to size plus seam allowance on both long sides.  Then I trimmed my seam allowance off my pattern wedge and used the trimmed wedge to cut it out of my skirt panel.  I chose to have the rainbow panel a little off center.  The final part is just serging the rainbow panel to the skirt panel that I altered.  Fun, right? RainbowFlyaway


Princess Rainbow Power!

You can purchase the pattern at Dandelions N’ Dungarees’ Craftsy shop.  Go grab it now while you are thinking about it because the release sale ends this Sunday.  I know I’m going to be making some more soon.  One of the testers did red and black stripes for hers.  I think that would be perfect for creating an outfit to support your favorite sports team or school. I guess the moral of this story is that husbands can have good ideas on occasion!  Care to share the last good idea your husband/partner had?


Dandelions n’ Dungarees will make you squee!

It’s been awhile since I’ve sewn for little C.  Poor munchkin has been parading around in mismatched PJs and simple bodysuits for so long.  Good thing she is so cute people don’t pay attention to how badly I’ve been dressing her.  However, I finally have a baby outfit worthy of her charm.  April, the mastermind behind Dandelions n’ Dungarees, has come up with an adorable pattern that is just perfect for the littles (NB-24M) this fall.  You’ll agree that the Flyaway Ruffle cardigan and Saucy skirt will make you want to squee.


As usual the tutorial is full of helpful instructions and photos along the way.  If you walk through the pdf step by step you can’t go wrong.  There is also bias tape around the neck for a beautiful finish.  I also chose to add bias tape down the front of the cardigan because it’s cute when the cardigan flips open.  But here’s my favorite part.


I have to admit that the ruffles were tough on my poor machine.  Poor Suzie (yes, I have named my sewing machine) ground to a halt and I had to remove her covers to extract the mass of tangled thread.  But I’m fairly certain it is because I was using subpar thread and my tension was up at 9.  Oops.  I’ll tell you later why it was up so high.  But first, more adorable pictures!


View of the adorable little skirt

The skirt was a breeze to put together.  It probably took me 30 minutes including the cutting.  Since this is knit, I didn’t even have to hem.  Cute and quick for the win!


The cardigan took a bit longer because you need to sew the ruffles onto the panel.  It is clear that the effort leads to amazing results though!


I didn’t forget about the tension, did you?  I learned this fabulous gathering trick from Jessica at Lil Luxe Collection.  This is what to do: turn up your tension, increase your stitch width, and baste.  Easy peasy even gathers!  I really wish I had some pictures to show but I was so excited that this technique worked on knit that I zipped right through it.  Just don’t forget to turn your tension down when you go back to sewing!  Really, don’t forget.


While it is true that everything small is automatically cute, this pattern turns the adorableness up to squee level 10.  I really wish that you could feel just how soft the knit of C’s cardigan is.  It has the soft fuzz of a flannel but the softness of minky.  I can’t wait for April to come out with the adult version of this because I will be making a mommy and me cardigan because I want to wear some of this adorable softness.

You can get the pattern at Dandelions n’ Dungarees.. Get your copy of the Flyaway Ruffle Cardigan or the Saucy Skirt for $5 through Sunday. Or you can bundle up and get both for $9!