Girl’s Skirt No 18

Ready for some more holiday fun?  I’m excited to share a fantastic skirt I was lucky to test for E+M Patterns.  This unique skirt is actually great for any occasion but the scalloped detail really lends itself to playful seasonal prints.


This isn’t one of the fastest patterns that Allison has come up with but it is well worth the effort.  The scallops require some attention so you can get the curve just the way you want them.  It’s not hard, it just needs a little more time.  As I mentioned before, it’s so worth the time!

Skirt 18 1

The front of the skirt is a flat face and the back has 2 elastic casings.  Which is great for comfort and making sure the skirt stays up.  B asked if she could wear the skirt “forever and forever”.

Skirt 18 pic2


In general I’m adverse to paying for a pattern that I know that I can figure out myself and do it my way.  This skirt is something that you’d want someone else to have figured out already.  It’s totally worth getting the pattern so you don’t have to mess around with getting the scallops even.

skirt 18 pic3

For my fun holiday print I chose Christmas cows.  B’s lovey is a stuffed cow and she can’t sleep without Mr. Cow.  She was delighted to have such festive cows on her skirt.

Skirt 18 pic4

The red trim is a snowman print that is a great contrast to the cow print.  I used the red trim to make the bow.   The bow is detachable.  It is sewn onto a safety pin so it can be removed when the skirt goes in the wash.  I find that bows sometimes don’t come out of the wash as nicely as they go in.

skirt 18 pic5

As usual, the inside of the skirt is as beautiful as it is on the outside.  I think it may be because Allison doesn’t own a serger that she is really mindful of how raw edges are handled.  The inside of the underskirt is a felled seam and the waistband it completely encased.  The overskirt is also finished perfectly.  This is great skirt for gifting because the workmanship is impeccable.

If you need a beautifully classic skirt for all occasions, look no further.  Can’t you see this as an everyday play skirt too?  Or looking forward, it would be a darling Easter skirt.  As usual the tutorial is well written, clear and concise.  If you need another reason to get this fabulous pattern: it’s on sale for $4 until midnight EST on Thursday.  Then the price goes up to $8.  Head over the E + M Patterns to take advantage now!

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Dress No. 17 by EMPatterns

Thanksgiving is tomorrow!  I can’t believe how fast this year is going.  Pretty soon Christmas will be knocking at the door.  Perhaps it doesn’t feel like it because it has been so warm in LA.  However, it has been in the 50’s and 60’s in the morning.  It can be so difficult to dress the little ones  when the afternoon can reach the 80’s.  If you have an opinionated girl, dressing decisions can become a battle.  Sometimes, she just wants to wear a dress and refuses to wear anything over that dress.  She is willing to suffer for beauty.  But her mom does not want her to suffer a cold.  The best solution, a long sleeve dress with a cowl neck to keep her warm!

Did you like how I tied that in?  🙂  Enter, E+M Patterns newest dress, No. 17.


This is another fantastic pattern that I was lucky enough to test for Allison at EM Patterns.  If you haven’t been following my sewing progress, you may want to see all the amazing things that Allison has in her patterns.  They are clear, well photographed, and come together perfectly.  Check out Dress No. 13, Dress No. 15, and Shirt+Dress No. 6 if you have time.

As usual, the pattern is full of lovely options.

1.  Sleeves: Long or 3/4

2. Neck Line: Cowl or banded

3. Hem: Hi-Low, Shirt, straight

4. Waist: Elastic, Shirred, or belt



For this version I chose the long sleeve, cowl, hi-low and elastic waist.  The cowl is fabulous because it keeps your kiddo warm without the tightness of a turtle neck.  My daughter doesn’t like turtle necks because they “choke” her.  So this cowl is perfect for B.


In testing, the hi-low changed a bit from this aggressive swoop.  The pattern you’ll find is more classic and conservative.  But if you really like this trendy curve, you could easily add length to the back if you wanted.  Personally, I like both.  🙂



cowl dress back view

Here’s my little model striking poses.  I almost wish that I could get this attitude every time.  Most photo sessions are of me chasing her around the room or outside trying to sneak a good shot in.



This is a far more common occurrence.  My B is full of energy and fun.

Here’s another version with the banded neck.

owl side


You can see that the hi-low hem is more classic and reserved in the newest version.

owl back


This one also has the belt.  I was so surprise that she didn’t fiddle with it at all.  I think she liked having the bow in the front.

owl front


Thanks for stopping by!  Be sure to head over to EM Patterns to get the Dress No.17. Or go to ETSY or CRAFTSY.
Keep your girls warm and styling.  Happy Thanksgiving!