LLC Luxe Dress: Embroidered Bodice Panel

LLDress Graphic

Welcome to the last stop of the Luxe Dress blog tour!  I’m very excited that you have come to visit.  Excited and also nervous because I’ve reached a milestone in the life of this blog.  It’s is my first time guest blogging!

With Angie B.’s awesome and patient help, I’ve put together a mini-tutorial how to customize your Luxe Dress with a machine embroidered panel.

Machine embroidery is definitely one of those times that I’m so grateful I’m sort of an engineer.  I say sort of because my degree is in Physics, but I’ve trained in engineering roles.  Ask me how many times I have bonked my head with a disabled light curtain.  Actually don’t, it is embarrassing.  My machine, although fantastic, is a bit of a toddler.  If you turn away for one second it starts acting up.  During this panel I had to unscrew and remove the covers to hunt down a rogue thread that was jamming up my tension.  The hardest part is probably figuring out how things are supposed to come together again!

As always I love questions and comments of all kinds.  Just don’t ask me how long it takes me to run 3 miles because it’s also embarrassing right now.

Here’s the finished product!

Luxe Blog Tour


I decided to go with a french country theme.  In my head my photo shoot was going to be at the park with a picnic blanket, a wicker basket and maybe a baguette.  But life happened and here we are at the park sans accessories.  Feel free to imagine a gingham blanket if you wish.  🙂


The photo is a bit blurry but it shows the movement of the dress so well.

I also have a special surprise.  Lil Luxe Collection is finally expanding their collection into tweens and woman’s sizing.  I’m dancing a jig in my head over here.  The first pattern that is getting “biggified”, to no surprise since it is the epitome of the LLC style, is the Luxe Dress!  I was lucky enough to make a Mommy and Me version for B and me.


Since the dress is currently in testing mode, there may be some changes to the final version.  For my daughter’s dress, I used a chambray I was gifted from her preschool teacher.  The skirt is a beautiful Moda print that matched the embroidery so well.  My dress is made of a Robert Kaufman chambray.  I finished the skirt with bias tape made from the same fabric as my daughter’s skirt.


I just adore the scoop back of these dresses!  Since I went with a more casual feel, I decided not to use the Horse Hair Braid like the other 2 dresses I made.


Check out the movement you get on the woman’s version too.


This is also my very first mommy and me set ever!  I can’t believe I waited so long to coordinate with my daughter.



Thanks for joining me here and thanks also to Jessica and Angie for inviting me on this fun journey!

Don’t forget the dress is currently on sale for the girl’s version.  There is also a great prize packets for winners of the link up party!


City Girl Romper

It is the season of the romper!  What is so special about a romper?  For us it means that I don’t have to worry about what combination of clothes my daughter will come up with.  Today she chose to wear cream and brown leopard print pants with a colorful pink and purple striped shirt.  Yesterday she wore blue leggings, a green tutu, and a pink polka dot shirt.  I’ve learned at this point not to argue with her fashion choices but sometimes what she wears does matter.  In these particular situations, the romper is perfect because they come already coordinated.  Whew.

sunsuit wow

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to test out the City Girl Romper by Lil Luxe Collection.  This lovely little number has style.  It’s classic and modern with all the right details to make it super unique.


I chose to sew up the sun suit option for my daughter.

My favorite part about this romper is the lovely back.  It’s beautiful and keeps the kiddos nice and cool.

sunsuit back

The sun suit has inverted pleats on the legs that are simply darling and gives the bottoms a cute little flair without being like bloomers.  If you aren’t a fan of pleats, there is also an option for elastic casing.  The romper also has the option of trousers and capris.  I also sewed up the trouser version for my daughter’s best friend.

City Romper Front

The waist has an elastic casing that is really comfortable for the girls.

City Romper back no Butterflies

It’s really easy to take on and off.  The girls do need help with tying up the back after using the restroom but the romper will not fall off with just the straps on so they can make it to you without incident.

City Romper back closeup

The trouser option really styles up the romper and you could easily choose a fabric that would make it suitable for a dinner out.  In fact, the little girl’s father said that the romper style looked like something a woman could wear into a board room.

city romper side



This last picture is the last time we ever saw this romper.  We were visiting Disneyland and shortly after this photo the weather cooled off so I changed my daughter into pants and long sleeves.  I left the romper with the stroller which got stollen!  Who steals a stroller?!?  Jerky Jerksters, that’s who!  Fortunately I had my phone and my wallet in the ergo with baby C, so we were able to get home.  Now we are minus the romper, some other clothes, 2 camel bak water bottles, and a stroller that I didn’t realize I felt so sentimental about.

bonnie in the stroller

B in the stroller, probably when she was C’s age.


Because I don’t want to end this post on such a sour note.  I’ll share this artsy fartsy photo of the stollen romper and the wonderful news that the pattern is releasing today!  Just click here! (affiliate link)


Slim Trousers by Lil Luxe Collection

Happy New Year!  I know, it’s already February.  But we are creeping up on Chinese New Year so I’m both fashionably late and early to the party.  Contrary to my blogging silence, I’ve actually been rather busy.  I can’t wait to show you the latest addition to B’s wardrobe.  She prefers to wear dresses but I send her to school in pants and leggings because she’s rough on her clothes.  She always comes back with stains of unknown origin and occasionally rips and holes.  Since I’ve embarked on this sewing adventure I have not replaced her leggings or pants so B was in desperate need.

Luckily I was able to test this amazing slim trousers pattern by Lil Luxe Collection just in time.

skinny trousers 1

These are made from stretch denim I found in the Joann red tag area.  These pants have such a beautiful clean look and my little fashionista loves the zippers.  The trousers are a slim fit so they look well tailored.

skinny trousers 2

Jessica has once again come up with a pattern I wish I could wear.

Skinny trousers 3


As with all of her patterns, there are lots of options for you.  Starting from the top, you can use elastic or a hidden zipper in the waistband.  Moving down, you can put in pockets in the front and or faux pocket flaps in the back.  Down to the bottom, you can choose this ankle length or an adorable crop length.  And finally, you can choose to add the side zippers.  If you are put off by installing zippers, don’t be because the tutorial walks you right through it.  Alternatively, you can omit the zippers all together.

For my next pair I chose a black lace zipper.

skinny trousers 4


This is even simpler to put in.  You just follow all the instructions up to where you install the zipper and just sew it right on top.  Easy as can be!

skinny trousers 5


This fabric is a bottom weight with 2% spandex.  It’s super sturdy too.  She’s gone to school with these pants at least 3 times now and they have held up to her rough play.  Other than coming hone with mysterious chocolate stains, we have had no ripping or tearing.

skinny trousers 6

Don’t worry about the grumpy face.  No children were harmed in the taking of these photos.  She was just upset that her sister was playing with her toys.  Here is a behind the scenes shot of the baby running off with a beloved toy something or another.


It is usually a battle to get her to wear pants that aren’t leggings because she complains that they aren’t comfortable.  Fortunately she loves these pants and she is more than willing to pull them out of her dresser when it’s time to head out the door.  I love that I don’t have to be the mean mommy that makes her wear uncomfortable pants.  I chose to omit the invisible zipper so she can dress herself and use the potty by herself at school.



Hurry run over to get the pattern on sale until Wed Feb 11th!  Head over here (affiliate) to get your hands on the pattern.

Holiday Starlight City Sparkles

Welcome to the last stop on the Lil Luxe Collection Holiday Blog Tour!  One of my favorite dresses the Starlight City is up.  Jessica challenged her testers to come up with festive versions of her fabulous patterns.  Although all her patterns are full of sleek modern lines, I felt that the Starlight City would make a super glam dress.  Even the name says it all.  For me, it calls to mind the feeling of standing on the buff in Palos Verdes overlooking the Pacific and the twinkling lights of LA.  So I wanted a dress that sparkled and gleamed.


I chose a silver and purple woven jacket fabric for the top, and an inky purple sequined knit for the skirt.  B found the dress immediately twirl worthy.  She also felt like a princess with the longest dress she has worn.

Starlight City Front

I didn’t chance the anything about the bodice from the pattern except to fully line it.  I knew that she would complain about the bodice fabric because it is fairly rough, so it is fully lined including the sleeves.  For the skirt I used the full width of the knit for the front and the back of the skirt.

Starlight City Side

I also extended the skirt so that it skimmed the floor.  My favorite part of the dress is the back.

Starlight City back


Isn’t the twist in the back simply breathtaking?!  I love that it is so unique and beautiful.  In order to fully line it from the scratchy material, I actually cut the back bodice piece in half and added 3/8th in the middle when I cut the fabric.



Even though the fabric was difficult to work with (bodice fabric frayed terribly, sequin knit kept getting eaten), the dress came together quickly within a couple of hours.  B wore the dress all day at Disneyland and got many compliments.  It’s always a nice feeling when your creation is praised.  Best of all B loved the dress and was so excited to share that her mom made it for her.

If you would like the pattern, and why not?!  Head over here (affiliate) to get your own copy.  There is a 30% off promotion going on right now with the code “blogtour”.  If you haven’t been following along.  Check out the other stops of the blog tour for inspiration.

Blog Tour schedule:
Monday, Dec. 1 – Rouche & Division Top
Wednesday, Dec. 3 – Peek A Boo Hoodie
Thursday, Dec. 4 – Alley Cat Romper
Friday, Dec. 5 – Reversible Crop Top & Dress
Monday, Dec. 8 – Modern Belle Dress
Tuesday, Dec. 9 – Socialite Peplum and Dress
Wednesday, Dec. 10 – Two Haute Shorts
Thursday, Dec. 11 – Starlight City Dress
There’s also a giveaway with some great prizes!
Here is the Giveaway Info:
$25 from Owl and Drum Sew very Modern (LIKE on Facebook entry, Follow on Instagram entry)
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Hope you enjoyed your visit with me!

Rouche And Division Top

We reached a milestone here at our house.  My baby girl is celebrating her 4th birthday.  It is not everyday that your child turns 4.

foam TV watching chair

How is this baby already 4!?

In honor of this very special occasion, I wanted to sew up a new outfit for her party.  Since the party was at a park, it didn’t make sense to create a frilly dress or something that she couldn’t be really comfortable in.  Fortunately for me, Lil Luxe Collection was testing a new pattern, the fabulous Rouche and Division Top (affiliate link).

This is currently my favorite top.  As I have come to expect from Jessica, the design is modern, unique, and absolutely chic!  The pattern is suitable for BOTH knit and woven, making it practically a 2 for 1 pattern.  It’s a breeze to sew up.  Seriously, you can finish a top in an hour.  It can be as fancy (think party), or as casual (think PJ), as your imagination will take it.  Without further ado, here’s the B’s 4th birthday shirt!

RD Big pic

RD big back

The main fabric is a woven navy with silver hearts that I found in the remnant bin at JoAnn.  I got the back panel from my favorite boutique fabric shop.  It is also woven and has clouds with raindrops over the cutest little bikes.

RD back


I usually like to take the photos with a simple background.  I changed it up so I could also photo document her birthday party.  🙂  The weather was gorgeous and B was having so much fun.


RD Closeup front

Here she is making a snowman with cornstarch and shaving cream.  You can also see the ruching on the sleeves better here.

RD closeup back

There are a few options in this pattern that can change the whole look, short sleeves vs long sleeves, ruching vs no ruching, contrasting panel vs solid back.  You can see from the photos that the birthday top has short ruched sleeves and a contrasting panel.




Now the other end of the spectrum, how about some PJs?


Check out that fabulous boatneck.  It’s amazingly stylish, plus it makes it easy for B to dress herself as there are no buttons or fasteners of any sort.


I’m ready for bed.


I really really wish I had better photos of the PJs, but nap time waits for no mom.  I sincerely hope that this next set of photos will help you forgive me.  I saved the best for last on this post!  Here’s an afternoon at the beach with the knit Rouche and Division.  It gets dark so quickly now and with the sunset the coastal breeze picks up, bringing in misty gusts.  This knit version was perfect for keeping cozy at the beach.


Bring it, I’m ready.

The fabric is ponte de roma knit with a bit of sequined glam for the back panel.  I love both these photos even though they are essentially the same view.  This was a brief moment of quiet where B just sat down and breathed in the beach air.


contemplating the waves


Then it was time to go again!


I know this photo is dark, but I wanted to include the original because I feel that it was the best way to show how the dark and misty afternoon felt to me.  But here is a brighter version, so you can actually see the top in action. 🙂

running down the beach

Can’t stop, won’t stop.

Don’t you just love the drape of this top?


It has this effortless elegance and style that I just can’t find the words to describe.  Just look at this movement!  Simply breathtaking.



Hurry now to take advantage of the 30% off release sale that ends today!  There is no code required.  This is my affiliate link if you would like to head on over to the Lil Luxe Collection shop.