Wayne Avenue Woodshop

This is where I post some of my husband’s work.  Woodworking is his hobby and a passion that he has rediscovered in the past few years.  He says that it is such a shift from his work and lets his brain relax.  I don’t want to brag but he has a great talent for woodworking.  Please check out our little Etsy store!


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Jason has recently entered in a bangle turning contest that will be voting soon!  I’m very excited and proud of him.  He also made a time lapse video of how he made a bamboo bangle.

If you are curious how these seam rippers are made, my husband has made a time lapse video of how these are made!

These are some of the new Acrylic handles that he recently made

IMG_3581 IMG_3587 IMG_3583

These are some of the wood handles that are available.  The first seam ripper is the one from the video.  Don’t you just love the wood grain on it!  The bottom right one is called Tulip wood and it has a wood grain that looks like an ikat pattern to me.  Jason has been bugging me to list it in the ETSY store but I want to keep it.  We made a deal that if it didn’t sell in 6 months I get to keep it.  I’m mostly just hoping he forgets about it so I don’t have to list it.

IMG_3635 IMG_3563 IMG_3568

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